BIM/VDC Services


We use BIM for all of our traditional Engineer of
Record work to improve coordination and completeness.


We also provide Construction phase BIM services including integrated shop drawings, multi-trade coordination models, and fabrication drawings.



  • 3D Above-ceiling Coordination
  • Interior Walls & Ceilings
  • Cold Formed Steel
  • Structural Steel
  • Prefabrication
  • Reinforcing Steel
  • Piling

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Working in a support role to improve pre-construction modeling for critical trades. Interior wall elevations with precise blockout locations and sizes allow wall & ceiling trades to install work ahead of MEP without conflicts and re-work.


Our models are easy integrated with the rest of the teams’ efforts to accelerate the clash detection process. Once clashes are identified, our model is adjusted and drawings are created and delivered.


Shop drawings are a result of the modeling process, and require few additional steps to create 2-dimensional drawings. As the model is updated, the drawings are automatically updated.

image7Value added: Field QAQC tools

  • Elevations showing openings and framing
  • Framing dimensions instead of finish
  • Color-coded plans showing
    • Insulation locations
    • Dropped ceilings
    • Rated Walls

image8Value added: Efficiency

  • Less wasted materials
  • Less wasted labor
  • Pre-cut lengths and quantities
  • Takeoff Verification

Value added: Engineering
Our expertise allows us to identify and resolve problems during our modeling process that can slow you down. Fast, effective RFI communications to A/E including engineered designs if required.


Denver International Airport Transit Center & Westin Hotel Expansion
– 3D above-ceiling coordination
– Sky Lobby Ceiling Value Engineering
– Structural Cold Formed Steel Engineering & Modeling

Colorado Judicial Center Office Building
– 12-story cold formed steel bearing wall prefabrication model
– Denver, Colorado

Williams Village Dormitory, CU Boulder
– 6-story cold formed steel bearing wall prefabrication model
– Panelization model and fabrication drawings

Piling models – Energy Plant Building
– Multi-purpose Building | Field Information Centres
– Oil Sands, Alberta

University of Colorado Hospital
– 10-story patient tower
– 3D above ceiling coordination
– Bathroom pod | Headwall Prefabrication
– Prefabricated corridor utility rack design, modeling & fabrication drawings
– Denver, Colorado

We build models that convey critical information for various construction trades through an integrated, creative, and thoughtful process.