Historic Jaycees Train Depot Relocation

In 2007, the Historic Boulder Train Depot needed to be moved from its location at 30th & Pearl to allow for new development and expansion of Crossroads Commons Retail Center. We were lucky enough to get involved with this exciting project…

After 6 months of collaborative design efforts with the City, the Developer and the contractors and suppliers involved, a plan to strengthen the 300-ton, 120-year old building to survive the move was developed:
• The existing 24-inch thick stone masonry walls were reinforced with Carbon-Fiber.
• Steel pins were epoxied between the Carbon-Fibered layer and the existing stone.
• The wood roof structure was reinforced and connected to the walls.
• Collar ties were added to the roof structure.

We designed a moving platform consisting of 100 tons of steel (W14x132 beams as close as 22” o.c.) used to lift and transport the building. We also designed the new permanent foundations where the Depot currently rests, waiting for its next role in history.